plump, hot, and not food

Nothing on the outside, nothing on the inside


Nothing on the outside, nothing on the inside



Yikes man. I am up late and feeling frisky …

Hmm I can see the little hints of these artists' styles in your artwork. It's true that they have interesting styles. But what about manga artists, if there any?

Hard to place honestly. In terms of formative years rumiko Takashi’s work like Ranma played a role. I like the mangaka behind video girl ai as well, their incorporation of real world symbolism is nice. But as much as I might ape manga or anime styles for commissions it’s slightly less influential than western artists for me at large.

Party Down


a show taken before it’s time.

Are you familiar with imtherubicon's work at all? Do you know what may have happened to it?

Passingly familiar but yeah no idea what happened there.

Which artists inspired you and influenced your art style? I think your style is very nice, a very unique blend of manga and american comics, if I had to describe it :P

There’s certainly a lot if artists I admire but in my approach I don’t tend to emulate artists as much as I think about symbols and communication. I admire James Jean a lot, I like people like John Byrne and Mike Allred.

In terms of contemporaries I feel like Block Devil and Margalot are both in command of their approach.

I would like to entertain some asks so please send me some questions.

I know the focus is on the bodies, but damn those faces are a combination of sexy and adorable not seen often in fetish art.

Thanks! I really appreciate that. Faces are usually my top priority. Expression usually dictates pose for my stuff.

But I promise I’m not being lazy about the bodies either!

The ginger co-star.