plump, hot, and not food

Rabbits can’t fart they just DIE INSTEAD?

Rabbits are the most poorly designed animal in the entire friggin world.

Note: None of our rabbits died of farts, before anyone worries.

How did you come up with the idea of Famish?

I don’t remember if it was a result of Guts N Glory or a seed of an idea from before GnG. Basically I wanted to have the character embody things that were sort of inherently at odds with one another or sort of a contradiction.

There’s I think a fairly broad concept of rural or farm working folks as sort of simple or dull, whereas most depictions of the magical and occult are sort of associated with sophistication or intelligence by default. She also sort of references the puritanical rejection of the occult/nonreligious, mostly in what is her as yet explored hometown/background. She was meant to be something of an outcast because of the inherent conflict and contradictions in her character: innocent farm girl type/occult supernatural medium.

Since GnG was meant to be a fighting game I took some of these basic ideas through the lens of my favorite fighting game: Darkstalkers. Ultimately she was meant to evoke that world via homage while not directly referencing any particular character. Her costume in particular was meant to be something that could be reasonably at home in the same setting.

She’s meant to embody both an occult/magical/supernatural background with a more rural/bumpkin/farmer girl sort of trope. Though since her inception I don’t really think of Famish as a “dumb” character, she has a lot of practical farming, mechanical, carpentry sort of skills, and a strong intellectual curiosity that comes out in her fascination with magic. I still mean to tell her “origin” story at some point, which hopefully clarifies a bit more about WHO she is as a character.


Listen up everybody.  Here’s the new fat terminology standard scale that you need to adopt:

Fat Lite
Fat (aka Regular Fat)
Pretty Fat (or Rather Fat in the UK)
Really Fat
Super Saiyin BBW/BHM (aka S Class)

Need graphic representations for accuracy.


is any anime scene sadder than the ending of chrno crusade?

My supercool fiancee commissioned this fantastic Famish from the super-rad P-Curly! 

My supercool fiancee commissioned this fantastic Famish from the super-rad P-Curly! 


I just finished watching Digimon Adventure 1 and then the prequel and follow-up movies and holy shit.

This series is fucking  A  M  A  Z  I  N  G  .

Hey dudes, I’m not really looking for requests at the moment, but thanks.

Also I was sort of originally hoping when the sketch requests were open there might be questions along with them, sorry if maybe that hadn’t been clear either. Just as a tête-à-tête.

I seriously think

you guys all need a chintervention.

Hey have you ever done a fat girl from a Persona game?

I’ve never played Persona so I’m not familiar with any of them. So… nope, never drawn a Persona girl.